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Advisory board

A high level multi-stakeholder International Advisory Board will support the project with strategic advice.

  • Jean-Marc Aublant Chairman of the CEN TC 352 Nanotechnology
  • Juan Riego-Sientes Group Leader at JRC-European Commission
  • Thomas Zadrozny Director of Pro-Active Ltd, Executive Director of MINAM NanoFutures
  • Dietmar Reinert Director of IFA-DGUV, Germany, and Chairman of PEROSH,
  • Valtencir Zucolotto Head of Nanomedicine & Nanotoxicology Group, University of São Paulo in Brazil
  • Anna Gabriela Tempesta S&T Adviser, Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation 
  • Lee Naroo Leader at the Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute, KOSHA in Korea
  • Ding Hui President of the Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, P.R. China
  • Ariel Felipe State Council, Republic of Cuba (supervising the programme on nanotechnologies) 
  • Paul Schulte Director of the Nanoscience Center of NIOSH in the USA
  • Sean Kelly Nanotechnology Industries Association, Belgium