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Second pan-European survey

We are pleased to launch our second pan-European survey for (1) anticipated needs and the (2) current resources regarding nanosafety services, and we kindly ask for your contribution. The survey is addressed to Experts on Industrial Safety, Occupational Safety, Public Health, HSE Regulation etc. in EC or EC agencies, Industry and industrial associations/trade unions, Regulatory bodies, NGOs, Research organizations and Universities.

  1. The following link will direct you to the EC4SafeNano questionnaire for nanosafety needs. Through your contribution to the survey, you will influence the final design of the Centre, and ensure that it properly addresses the actual needs. Your participation will also provide you early access to the survey results. Answering all questions will take around 10 minutes. It would be greatly appreciated if you could complete the survey by Friday 25 October 2019.
    More information at
  2. EC4SafeNano is currently supported by over 50 service providers, and is constantly open to new entries. If you are interested to join EC4SafeNano as an Associated Partner, please use the following link to register your expertise and equipment, by Friday 25 October 2019.
    More information at
    Note: Current Associated Partners who provide nanosafety services are also kindly requested to go through the registration process.

EC4SafeNano aims to build an open collaborative network gathering expertise in risk management of nanotechnologies. 

The overall objective of the EC4SafeNano project is to develop a distributed Centre of European organisations for Risk Management and Safe Innovation for Nanomaterials & Nanotechnologies. This centre will be independent and science-based and will support industry, safety service providers, regulators and other public or private stakeholders.