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Main outcomes

The project will remove barriers to the ready exchange of knowledge and evidence in the field of risk analysis and nanotechnologies. It will provide a map and an analysis of the needs of the market (regulators, industry, society, research, service providers...) and of the resources available. It will propose and provide solutions such as methods, practices, standards, training or certification. The main deliverables of the EC4SafeNano project will be:

  1. A robust collaborative open structure, gathering and sharing the best available resources and knowledge from across Europe and globally to promote safe innovation in nanotechnologies;
  2. A set of operating procedures to operate the Centre and offer services to stakeholders along the innovation value chain, focused on removing barriers currently limiting knowledge sharing and distribution, and reducing uncertainty regarding environmental protection, safety and risk;
  3. A dynamic cooperation through integration of networks, platforms and hubs connecting the nanosafety community and stakeholders to identify and solve issues related to nanotechnologies, including knowledge transfer to emerging economies and accession states;
  4. ‘Pathway’ documents that identify the needs of the stakeholders and summarise the services, infrastructure and tools that the EU4SafeNano hub will provide for each stakeholder group.
  5. Guidance documents setting out good practice standards relevant to market actors supporting safe innovation in nanotechnology. The final impact expected from these outcomes is to contribute to the safe and sustainable development and commercialization of nanotechnology and so to enhance European industrial innovation and competitiveness.